The school is adequately staffed with experienced teachers who are full conversant with their teaching subjects. The school goes great lengths to provide training to staff to provide training to staff to ensure they are well versed with the latest teaching methods and Technology usage.

Teaching Methods

  • Staff are at all times encouraged to have a creative dialogue with the students with a view to creating a mutually fruitful study environment.
  • Use of technology to improve teaching-learning-process.
  • Study tours are organized from time to time.
  • Extra classes are held as and when necessary to augment general study.
  • Teachers are discouraged from taking tuitions.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Parents are encouraged to meet the concerned teachers on possible second Saturdays to receive evaluation on their child's progress.
  • Usage of the English language is emphasized and good manners are promoted. School has well equipped English language lab for the students.
  • The school follows a comprehensive method of evaluation of the students' progress by way of written and oral tests, project work, assignments and field studies.