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Christmas Celebration-Sharing joy and love

Christmas celebration at the school was everything bright, nice and merry! 

In true Christmas spirit, besides woollen clothes, the proceeds from the Food Fair organized in the school and old newspapers collected by the students and teachers were donated to an NGO for mentally challenged children. All the school notice boards and classrooms were decorated on the theme of Christmas by the students. The Primary School students had exciting activities like Christmas tree and candle decoration whereas the students of Middle School made Christmas Cards and unique life size Santa Puppets. The students of Grades 9 and 7 presented a spectacular Christmas Programme on the occasion which included Christmas messages, skit, dances and carols.

Saint Paul’s School MUN-Fostering diplomacy and dialogue

Saint Paul’s School, Rajkot hosted the 7th edition of its MUN Programme for the students of Classes 7 to 12 on 8th and 9th December 2023. The programme was organized by the school in association with SkillSphere Education.

The programme was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Prof. Arvind Akshan, HOD Physics, Christ College, Rajkot, Rev. Fr. James, Principal, Saint Paul’s School, Ms. Pranjali Magar from SkillSphere and one of the student representatives. In his speech, the Chief Guest congratulated the school for its initiative of organizing such a programme for the students of the city.

212 students from 6 reputed schools of Rajkot participated in the MUN under various committees like the United Nations Security Council, United Nations Environment Programme,  UN Women, United Nations General Assembly and the Lok Sabha, as delegates representing different countries. The agenda of the programme was ‘Development and Equality beyond borders’.

During the conference, the delegates researched their assigned country’s policies and positions on the agenda. The stimulating MUN sessions saw the delegates utilize their skills of introduction, opinion development, debating, collaborative problem solving and drafting resolutions.

The dedicated involvement of the organizing committee, volunteers and the delegates was recognized during the closing ceremony. The winning delegates were given certificates by the Principal.

Navratri and Diwali Celebrations- Embracing the festive spirit!

Navratri, the longest festival of the world, is an integral part of the Indian culture. Keeping the tradition of Navratri alive, the school organized ' Garba Utsav' for the students and staff. 

The celebration began with the conventional  'Aarti' led by Principal Rev. Fr. James, followed by specially choreographed traditional sheri garba, dandiya and sword dance performances by the students. 
The school courtyard transformed into a dance floor as the students and staff enjoyed swirling gracefully in sync with the rhythmic garba beats. The entire school campus reverberated  with the sounds of the energetic garba performances of the students and staff on live music. The lovely garba decor and the traditional  attires of the dancers added a splash of colour to  the festive ambience! 

The best dressed garba players and the best garba dance performers were recognized. 

In view of the upcoming Diwali festival,  a spirited enactment of Ramayan in the form of a dance drama was also presented by the students. The young learners of Grade 2, in their inimitable style, made an appeal to everyone to observe  a 'Green Diwali' through their skit. 
The celebrations, which brought everyone together, reiterated the importance of embracing traditions and the spirit of unity.

Youth Parliament- The Voice of Young India

The future of India lies in the hands of empowered youth! Youth Parliament, a customized simulation of the actual Indian Parliament Session, was conducted at Saint Paul’s School, Rajkot on 3rd October 2023 for the students of Grades 9 and 10 to provide a platform to  ‘Young India’ to ideate on initiatives for social action and transformation.  

Training sessions were organized for the students before the actual session by the SkillSphere Education team to familiarize them with the functioning of the Parliament Sessions.
The agenda for discussion during the mock Youth Parliament was ‘Challenges in the education system at Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary levels’. In groups, the students debated on the existing problems in the education system and proposed concrete solutions for the same. Parents were invited to watch the young leaders in action. The Youth Parliament Session helped the students understand the importance of discipline, tolerance of the views of others, practices and procedures of the Parliament and the power of democracy.

MERCADO 2023- Impacting Lives through Social Entrepreneurship!

MERCADO – a three days long social entrepreneurship programme cum trade fair was organized by the Commerce Department in the school from 30th September to 2nd October 2023. Rev. Fr. Benoy, CMI  inaugurated the trade fair. A shopping bazaar with more than 40 stalls was set up by the students offering a wide range of products. 

The game zone and the food courts saw a beeline of visitors enjoying themselves. Six different Fashion Shows were presented by the students of Grades 1 to 6 during the event. The young fashionistas charmed the visitors with the amazing poise and chutzpah they displayed on the ramp! A popular RJ of the city and a well know guitarist were also invited to entertain the audience.

Rev. Fr. James Francis, Principal, says, “The idea behind MERCADO is to provide an opportunity to the students to utilize their networking and communication skills to approach businesses and vendors for sponsorship and their logistic skills for stall openings. The entire proceedings of the event have been donated to an AIDS Centre in Kutch, thereby making the students understand the importance and social responsibility and community impact”.

The event, which was huge success, saw a footfall of more than 3000 visitors.

Teacher’s Day-Celebrating the beacons of knowledge

It is rightly said by Guy Kawasaki, “If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes”.

A plethora of activities were conducted across all the grades to celebrate the Teacher’s Day in the school.

The students of Primary School conducted a special assembly to express their love for their teachers. They also made gratitude cards for the teachers thanking them for shaping their lives.

The students of Middle School presented a special Talent Show for the entertainment of the teachers, decorated the notice boards with messages for their teachers and enjoyed a potluck party with them.

The students of Grade 9 and 10 conducted classes for the support staff under the programme ‘Each One Teach One’ in the school   premises, paying their tribute to their teachers in this unique way.

Class 11 presented a special assembly dedicated to the teachers which included dance, poems, speech and a thought provoking mime.

Career Counselling Seminars- Mission Margadarshan

Career Counselling Seminars were organized by the school in association with Brainberg Knowledge Solutions, Pune from 21st to 24th August 2023.

Psychometric tests were conducted for the students of Grades 8 to 10 by experts to help students identify their top abilities, interests and dominant personality trait and provide them the most suitable job or career recommendations accordingly. The findings of the test will also be used to give tips to the students to improve their study habits. A joint session for the students and parents was conducted wherein guidance was provided regarding various courses available, top educational institutions offering these courses and the eligibility criteria for the same.  Some of the teachers of the school were trained to become certified career counsellors who will carry forward the initiative.

Vigyantram- Project Based Workshops by Abhyuday IIT Bombay-Decoding Technology

Abhyuday IIT Bombay conducted three different hands on workshops in the school on 2nd and 3rd August 2023.

The AI and Robotics Workshop for Grades 8 and 9 focused on the fundamentals of algorithms, python programming, coding concepts, data science, machine learning and computer vision. Wake up application, secret agent app, space invaders game, doctor’s app and get the gold game were covered during the Mobile and Game Development Workshop for Grades 6 to 8. A separate workshop on Autonomous Robots was conducted for Grades 6 to 9 in which the students learnt about visitor counter system, blind stick, android mobile control robots and object detection robots. The students with the best performance during the workshops were awarded.

Developmental Drama Workshops- Bringing Theatre into Education

Theatre as an educational medium emphasizes on learning through role play and drama in an environment of research, inquiry, exploration and creativity.  Renowned theatre coaches from Bangalore, Mr. Sibu Vaz and Ms.Soundhary Vaz along with their team members conducted a series of workshops in the months of July and August 2023 for our students and teachers of the Middle School. 

During the workshops, the students and teachers participated in many lively theatre activities and learnt about the basic drama tools. The sessions helped bring an overall positive change in the students, their thought processes, perspective and way of communication. The teachers also ideated on how different drama techniques can be integrated within the curriculum to make learning more engaging for the students.

Independence Day – Saluting our Heroes, Celebrating our Diversity

A colourful programme was organized in the school to mark the 77th Independence Day of our nation. The programme began with the hoisting of the tri-colour by Chief Guest Col. Prakash Vyas. This was followed by a spectacular parade by the School Captains marching to the beats of the school band.

A replica of the Amar Jawan Jyoti was created in the school to pay tribute to the Param Vir Chakra Awardees for their supreme sacrifices.  The entire assembly was full of moist eyes as the Chief Guest, Principal Rev. Fr. James, Guest of Honour Rev. Fr. Jose and teachers placed wreaths on the replica of Amar Jawan Jyoti with moving patriotic songs playing in the background.
The cultural events included a beautiful prayer dance and captivating instrumental music compositions by our budding musicians depicting the rich legacy of Indian Classical music. The diversity and unity of our nation was showcased through a vibrant presentation of folk dances and traditions of the different states of India. One of the attractions of the programme was a thought provoking skit performed by the students, highlighting the true meaning of patriotism. National pride and patriotic fervour were evident in the medley of songs presented by the students on the occasion.
Special Class Assemblies, Shows and activities were also conducted prior to 15th August 2023, as part of week-long Independence Day celebrations in the school.

Orientation Programmes for Parents-Building Partnerships

Collaboration between parents and teachers is the key to unlock a child’s potential. We, at Saint Paul’s School, believe in working in tandem with the parents as our partners in the progress of the children. Therefore, the school organized series of Orientation Programmes in the months of June and July 2023 for the parents of Pre KG to Grade 12.

The parents were briefed about the policies, rules and regulations of the school by the respective Class Co-ordinators. They also gave to the parents, an overview of NEP besides the curriculum, teaching methodologies, assessment schedules, co-scholastic activities and the new initiatives of the school.

The Orientation Programmes helped evolve a common strategy between the school and the parents for the growth of the children. They also aided the parents in identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.

Saint Paul’s Day- Counting Blessings, Expressing Gratitude

“I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us, and we change things.” This quote of Mother Teressa reminds us how powerful prayers can be!

To commemorate St. Paul’s Day which falls on 29th June and for an auspicious beginning to the Academic Year 2023-24, prayer services led by the students and teachers of Grades 4, 6 and 12 were held in the school auditorium.

Rev. Fr. James, Principal, the students and teachers sought blessings of God in the journey ahead with grateful hearts. The school hall reverberated with the divine notes of prayer songs and devotional dances presented by the students!

Leaders in the Making

Former American President John F. Kennedy has rightly said, “Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other”.

Prefectorial Council is a platform provided by our school to promote leadership skills among the students, the future decision makers! It is also an opportunity for the young leaders to contribute to the discipline of the school and share their ideas for the progress of the school. As per the school’s tradition, elections were held for the formation of the Prefectorial Council 2023-24.

The first week of July was earmarked for vigorous campaigns by the prefect candidates to persuade the student voters! On the D-Day of the election, the students of Grades 6 to 12 cast their votes for their favourite candidates.

The newly elected Prefects, Assistant Prefects, House Captains, Vice House Captains and Monitors were officially vested with their duties and responsibilities along with their badges during special Installation Ceremonies held on 11th and 12th July 2023 for the Senior and Junior Prefectorial Councils respectively.

Eminent theatre coaches from Bangalore, Mr. Sibu Vaz and Ms.Soundhary Vaz graced the events. They motivated the young leaders to develop qualities of team work, dedication and commitment; lead by example and make the school proud! Rev. Fr. James, Principal, administered the oath to the young leaders who pledged to work for the betterment of the school and take it to greater heights.

Students pledge to ‘Say No to Drugs, Yes to Life’

Substance abuse, especially among the youth, is on the rise. ‘World Narcotics Day’ is observed every year on 26th June to spread awareness about this global issue.  In view of this, the school organized an Awareness Session on ‘Harmful effects of Drugs and Narcotics’ for the students of Grades 11 and 12.

The Resource Persons for the Session were well known educationist, Mr. Minu Jasdanwala and Police Sub-Inspector Mr. A.V. Kher.

The statistics provided by the Guest Speakers regarding the alarming number of drugs cases made the students aware about the gravity of the issue. The Session focussed on pertinent questions like-How do the drug dealers trap people? How can one avoid falling into such traps? What are the physiological and psychological effects of drugs? Who should be approached for help?

It was indeed an eye-opening session which convinced the students to pledge to ‘Say no to Drugs, Yes to Life’.

Yoga for Well-being

Yoga, originating from our country, is not just a physical exercise but a holistic practice that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Yoga has transcended time and borders to bring harmony and well-being to millions of people around the world! In recognition of this, 21st June has been declared as ‘International Yoga Day’ by the United Nations.

We, at Saint Paul’s School, also celebrate ‘International Yoga Day’ every year to keep our students connected with the ancient Indian disciplines and inculcate healthy practices among them from an early age.

This year, on the occasion of ‘International Yoga Day 2023’, the students enthusiastically performed various yogasanas like vrikshasana, tadasana, padmasana followed by suryanamskar under the guidance of their Sports teachers.  The excitement of our young learners was palpable as they sat on their colourful yoga mats and demonstrated the various yoga poses taught to them with ease!